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To Discover Problems
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Framing Solution
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User Testing
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Visual Design
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BLUELINE is a mobile app for people to track the progress of a case they’ve reported to the police, and to actively provide supplemental pieces of information related to the case.


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People found that after reporting their case to the police, the police didn't respond and the case was rarely resolved fully. This directly destroys the trust between citizens and the police. Many people don’t think the police are doing their duty.


Establish a fast and convenient reporting service platform that can provide convenience to community life and enable the public to maintain real-time contact with the police. People can feel a sense of security and supervise that the police perform their duties and obligations to the populace.

Main features
Tracking a report
File an new report
Add a follow-up report
Tracking a report
File a police report
Add a follow-up report



I once was the victim of theft... After the incident,
I asked the police for help, but I never heard from them again.

I took this project on my own experience a few years ago when my luggage—containing $10,000 worth of belongings—was stolen from a parking lot. I reported the case to the police, but to this day, I have still not received any reply—that is, the case has not been resolved at all. In the process of waiting for a reply, I also tried to find some clues relating to the case. For example, I tracked the record of a credit card stolen and swiped in a supermarket, which means that it was very likely to find the thief on security video. I even went to the police station in person to provide the clues I found, which I thought could help the police solve the case faster.

However, after submitting the evidence, I still did not get any response. It made me doubt their efficiency, and whether they are performing their duties, and to wonder if my status as a foreigner led them not to care about my report at all. But that's all guesswork. Because of what I experienced, I wonder if there are others who’ve had the same or even worse experiences. What would the most effective solution be?

My Assumptions:

People don’t trust the police, and they think the police are not doing their duty.

People usually don’t hear back from the police about the cases they report.

People are tired of filling out long, tedious forms

My answer was an app that tracks the progress of cases and submits clues to the police. In this way, victims can know how their affairs have been handled, and can also aid the investigation online. It not only saves people's time but also gives the police a clearer understanding of the cases they deal with.

Potential audience

We aim for users who have filed past police reports or who need to now, as well as those who want to save time dealing with police officers and report cases directly on their own.


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To further confirm my hypothesis, I developed a questionnaire that covers five major areas: "About the crime", "The reporting process", "The follow-up", "The evaluation" and "Suggestions." The aim is to establish crystal-clear empathy with the audience and gain a deeper understanding of their concerns about police service expectations.


92% of people say they are not satisfied with non-emergency police service



More than half the people I investigated had filed police reports, which proves that there are potential users. Most of these were reports of theft— there was relatively few cases seriously threatening personal safety. Most occurred in the Bay Area over the last two years...


It seems that the police service's general impression is not very good, which means there is a lot of room for improvement in service quality and user experience.


Almost none of the cases has been completely closed—they have not received any further notice from the police, and they do not know how their case is going. They don't even know how to follow up.


Most people want to be able to track their cases because they don't hear anything from the police. It was also suggested that the police perform their duty better and install more CCTV to facilitate the tracking of robbers.


Generally speaking, the overall reporting time was within 5-20 minutes, but people thought it took a lot of time to wait for any police response, collect evidence, fill in forms, and state their case.

Empathy MAP

To diver deeper into the psychology of the potential users

Empathy MAP

To diver more in-depth into the psychology of the potential users

My Assumptions are VALIDATED!

People don't trust the police, and they think the police are not doing their duty.

People usually don't hear back from the police about the cases they report.

People are tired of filling out long, tedious forms.

People don't know how to upload new evidence they've found, especially videos.

ideal persona

After analysis of a series of user surveys, I finally have a clear understanding of my target user groups and created a likely persona.


Anna lost her laptop computer, and she reported it to the police. She subsequently found a critical video that serves as evidence in the case but doesn't know how to send it to the police.


She has a new piece of evidence that she doesn't know how to submit.


Anna needs a platform where she can upload the video, to help the police solve her case.


Anna wants to upload her video, and hopes the police can help her get her desktop back as soon as possible.


Andrew recently experienced a vehicle burglary He lost everything in his car: clothes, wallet, headphones, even groceries. He reported to the police after things happened.


Andrew spent a very long time at the police station, and the only thing he did was fill out a tedious form.


Andrew needs to fill out the form on his phone because he thinks it saves time.


Andrew wants to report his case on his mobile phone because it will save time and much convenient.

framing solutions

It's time to start offering users some solutions — task flows

chart flow

Here is a combination of all the single task flows


After setting up the chart flow, I sketched out wireframes

SKETCH TO wireframe

A process of sketch to digital wireframe


Wireflow: wireframe-style user flow

high fidelity wireframe

By researching pain points of potential users and to provide solutions that I could visualize,
I established a preliminary blueprint

user testing round 1

It's time for users to test the first version of my design

some shots from user journey

I captured the essential screenshots from the whole user journey

feedback from users


Some shots of the essential revisions of the UX

Revision 01

Icon "arrow" gives the user a confusion
Using the text "Next" instead of icon "arrow"
Sign in every time makes the user feel annoying
Set a "keep signed" function
Emergency call is not easy for the user to see
Give more contrast on the emergency call

Revision 02

User can’t see who reviewed their case
Add the police officers name on  progress
Users can't send a PDF to an insurance company
Add “dots” icon to give more options to users
Emergency call is not stand out for user to see
Give more contrast on emergency call

Revision 03

Users don’t know how to get their case number
when they forget.
Add an extra line " Don't have the case number ? "
to retrieve the case number in case the user forgets.
Sign in every time makes user feel annoying
Set a “keep signed” function
Emergency call is not stand out for user to see
Give more contrast on emergency call

user testing round 2

I revised my concept and conducted the second round of user testing

“It’s a big improvement from last time!”
“I like its fluency, and I can report a case very quickly !’’
“I’m looking forward to the final version!
I would use this App for sure!”
“ These icons are very engaging! I just can’t
wait to tap on them ~”
Police Officer
“ The report progress flow very much mirrors real-life situations.”
— Officer D_______ (name withheld by anonymity request)


User comments on the next round of testing were universally positive, which made me very happy. My design had been approved. I think it’s time to carry out future visual optimization.


Black and White



color palette & font family - gotham



Blueline is a mobile app for people to track the progress of a case they’ve reported to the police, and to actively provide supplemental pieces of information related to the case.



In conclusion, after this personal experience and user investigation, I found that many people had the same experience that I did. The main problem was that after reporting the case, the police didn’t respond, and the case was rarely resolved fully. In the process of product design and product testing, the suggestions and modifications put forward by users have much helped my design ideas.  I am pleased that this product I designed might improve people’s lives and relieve their worries. Finally, I would like to thank my tutor DC for his guidance and all the active users.

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