about redesign-dell

To reflect my UI design ability, I chose to redesign Dell’s official website. I believe that everyone knows that a beautiful image can arouse people’s desire to buy electronic products. So I think Dell’s official website’s image is a little lacking, so I decided to give it a transformation. I believe people will like Dell’s products more.


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Dell is an American multinational computer technology company that develops, sells, repairs, and supports computers and related products and services.

Current look of Dell's Website

First impression:
First of all, starting from the UI, at first glance, the overall impression of the entire interface’s space division gives me a feeling of being a bit crowded. Secondly, UX experience is not particularly smooth. I think there are several main reasons for this:

For example, the purpose of the search box is mainly to search for products, but the column of the product category is placed far away from the search box.

The space between the contents is too narrow to be crowded

The Hierarchy of the content is not clear, and the font size is too small, leading to some vital information is not apparent enough, it is easy to ignore.

The blue background of the website interface’s header and footers seems to be blocked by the whole page, making people feel more cramped.

IMPROVE & optimize

Refine the UX

Redesign the sequence of UX flow. For example, put the product category in the same position as the search box, so users can see the product type they are looking for at the first time, or carry out the targeted search, which can save time and make the vision clearer.


- Distinguish between the primary and secondary, remove unnecessary content. 
- Increase content spacing and optimize spatial distribution
- Increase the font size of relevant information, such as the title of each section,
  so that visitors can see it at a glance


The main background color of the whole website's header and footers is white, which makes the visual space larger so that the visitors do not feel cramped


Web view ( 1200px )
Tablet view ( 800px )
Mobile view ( 360px )